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Today we will be discussing PCOS/PCOD i.e. Polycystic ovary syndrome/ Polycystic Ovary Disorder. These days we see 3 out of 5 females are suffering from PCOS/PCOS. Here are some reasons for

  • Genetic
  • Lifestyle Disorders
  • Food we intake
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Sleep Disorder

We can certainly improve on few points from above, right away, like choosing a maid service to fight PCOS and those are like eating better, sleeping better, move towards stress free life though meditation.

Let us discuss the symptoms of PCOS/PCOD.

  • Irregular periods
  • Hair loss
  • Extra facial hair
  • Acne near jaw line
  • Darkness around neck and under arms
  • Weight gain


Homeopathy has an answer to treatment of PCOS. It helps in maintaining the balance in between LH and FSH which are 3 hormones that are the reason for this syndrome. Following is the TO-DO list for fighting PCOS/PCOD:

  • You also have to completely cut down on packaged or processed food and switch over to healthy veggies and fruits.
  • Do get involve in some kind of exercise like zumba, bhagra etc or it can be yoga also.
  • Wash your face 3-4 times a day.
  • Try to sleep early and get up early and take 8 hours of proper sleep.
  • To beat stress, pick up some kind of meditation.

Finally homeopathy can help you cure PCOS/PCOD in around 6 months, so you can reach us at below coordinates:

  • Mob No: 9899635220
  • Landline No: 011-25222560
  • Email Id: drbela88@gmail.com
  • Website: www.drbela.com
  • Address: 14/81, Punjabi Bagh-West, New Delhi


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